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Operating as RCS, Inc. in the Dallas Texas area for more than 25 years, we are a manufacturer of Round Cast-in-Place (Best Design) manhole forming systems offering our designs and products to engineering firms, pipeline contractors, sub-contractors, and city maintenance departments throughout Texas and surrounding states.

Using the Round Cast-in-Place design, manholes are constructed as one-piece-joint-free units with pipe connections fully encased in a monolithic concrete mass within the structural wall. Pipe connections in Round Cast-in-Place manholes are compatible with all pipe angles of entry unlike pipe connections in square structures that must be skewed to avoid unacceptable entry into one or more of the four corners.

Reducing costs, Round Cast-in-Place manholes are constructed as one-piece-joint-free units completed in a single concrete pour affording a considerable labor cost reduction of one full day or more. Return trips to the job site to finish pouring or setting walls, tops, pipe encasements, and inverts are eliminated.

Safety is improved in the expediting of backfill placement which is also advanced by a full day or more. Many manholes are excavated in the middle of major streets and thoroughfares therefore a faster backfill placement benefits everyone.

Most municipalities and State Highway Departments have updated and upgraded their Sanitary Sewer designs to Round Manhole with strict emphasis on watertight pipe connections. Many of these same municipalities and State Highway Departments have failed to update and upgrade their Storm Manhole construction and continue to utilize outdated square manhole designs with minimal emphasis on watertight pipe connections causing infiltration and exfiltration issues.

View our Comparison Photos page for an illustrated comparison of Round vs. Square storm drain manholes.


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