Mono-Cast Grade Ring Form

Mono-Cast Grade Ring Form

The industry term commonly used, “Adjustable Grade Rings”, for raising a manhole ring & cover to grade, is a misnomer. Stacking 2″ and 3″ increments of brick with mortar, concrete donuts with mortar, or plastic donuts with cementitious resin are hardly “adjustable”. Any future adjustment break to reset a manhole ring & cover will destroy the integrity of any underlying “adjustable grade rings”. Why bother with this additional multiple cold-joint construction method?

Our Mono-Cast Grade Ring Form offers another one-piece-joint-free solution. Available in diameters to the 1/2″, simply set our mono-cast form on the cone and pour to the exact height. Another benefit of our Mono-Cast Grade Ring Forms is the ability to dowel in steel reinforcement throughout the manhole adjustment¬†for those highway/heavy-traffic ring & cover installations.

Grade Ring 24″ & 33″ Inside Diameters
















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